Myne Søe-Pedersen is a visual artist, whose works are primarily lense-based. She engages in an expanded approach to photography that ranges from traditional large format photographs to images created entirely on the computer.

At the same time as using photography as a medium, Søe-Pedersen is inspired by the history and process of photography as subject matter. In this way, her works explore the limits and possibilities of the photographic representation both as medium and as concept. Other print-related objects and techniques, such as archives, books, newspapers, are also recurring fields of exploration; sometimes pointing at themselves as concepts for representation, other times as conveyors of a certain meaning.

The common denominator between projects is intersections and crossovers between time, space, process, representation and perception. The final work often contains multiple layers of information. These are often very defined, but, through repetition and experimental methods, also bring forward abstraction and new meaning.

Interview(Danish) on ISO 600 med Søren Rønholt podcast

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