Blended Voices 2023
(Blendede Stemmer)
Spirefestival (Growth Festival) Denmark

I am interested in how institutional structures shape individuals in relation to identity, gender and power.

In this project, the focus was the Danish Parliament – Christiansborg – as an institution, and especially the parliament's Speaker’s podium as a platform for representation.

I created eight, handmade posters out of 45 selected historical speeches delivered from the Speaker’s podium of the Danish Parliament (by men) from 1864 to 2023. Printed portraits of the speakers were also included in the materials to be blended into posters.

The speeches were printed in Helvetica font on white A4 paper (80 grams). These were then soaked in water for 24 hours before being blended into a paper pulp. The pulp was pressed into a handmade frame the size of an election poster and left to dry, thus making a new ‘blended’ poster in a outdoor posterframe. 

Visitors of Spirefestivalen 2023 (Growth Festival) were invited to follow the process of creation of a new poster every day during the festival.


Full Stop – and Other Beginnings 2022,
(Punktum - og andre begyndelser)

Danske Grafikeres Hus, Copenhagen, Solo exhibition.

Link to the artist book 

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Billedbærer 2022
Bladr, Copenhagen 

Collaboration between the three artists Myne Søe-Pedersen, Lotte Fløe Christensen and Kirstine Autzen

The exhibition Biledbærer examines the ability of images to move from one context to another, between people, between archives and media, and to enter into new meanings. Through video, works on the wall and four unique artists' books, the three artists investigate the flexibility of images.

The exhibition has been made especially for the exhibition site Bladr, a specialist bookstore and platform for artists' books in Copenhagen.

Link to the unique artist book Blender 

Couleurs du Nord 2020, Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière.  

A three person exhibition at Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière in collaboration with House of Denmark in Paris.

View the pdf catalogue. 

Stages of Conception 2020
Galleri Image, Denmark. Solo exhibition.

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Photography to end all Photography 2018

Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture, Denmark.

Scanned Glass Plate: Inkjet print on archival matte paper mounted on dibond. Painted wooden frame. 23x32 cm.
Contact Sheets 1 and 2: Silver gelatin paper. 22X28 cm.

Museum Pist Protta 2016, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.

Airmail from Venice: 4x5”. Analogue contact print mounted on dibond. Edition of 20.

Kontur, 2015, Third Space, Copenhagen.

Scanned Mirrors: Inkjet print on archival matte paper mounted on dibond. Painted wooden frame with museum glass. 24x33 cm

Gliding, 2014, Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam.

Scanned Mirrors: Inkjet print on archival matte paper mounted on dibond. Painted wooden frame with museum glass. 24x33 cm.
Gliding: Analogue C-type print mounted on dibond. 27,2x22,3 cm.

Again, 2012, Galleri Format, Malmö.

Untitled Covers / The Horsebook: Digital c-print. Various sizes. Edition of 3.

Reading, 2011, Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam.

Reading: Digital c-print. 93x93 cm. Painted wooden frame. Edition of 3.
The Horsebook: Digital c-print mounted on dibond with matte diasec. 80x100 cm.Edition of 3.
Also shown are mirrors cut in the same size as the windows in the Gallery. 

Transient, 2007, Galerie Van Gelder, Amsterdam.

Transient 1:  Digital c-print. 23x23 cm.  Edition of 3.
Transient 2: Digital c-print. Mounted on dibond and diasec.
Various sizes. Edition of 3.