Blender. 2022. Unique artist book.

Created for the exhibition Billedbærer at Bladr - Platform for art books 2022.

Subsequently, the book was selected for "The best book work of the year 2022" by the Association for Book Crafts, exhibited at the Royal Library, The Black Diamond Sept/Nov 2022.

101 photographs with different representational status are printed on white 80gr. paper in A4.
The prints are intuitively selected in piles and have been soaked in water. They are then blended into paper pulp, for several seconds, and made into new paper sheets in A4. The result are 22 handmade papers in total.
During the production of the handmade papers the images are photographed in the blender. This creates a collage of images seen through the glass in the blender.

For each blended paper in the book is written how many seconds it was blended, and at the back of the book is an index of the 101 images with an overview of which images have been blended.

The book contain 55 unique pages which are glued and hand bound 26.5x34.5 cm.

Blender was selected forThe best book work of the year 2022  by the Association for Book Crafts