And Her Hair was Covered with Leaves. 2020. 

Contact sheets of 8x10” negatives 24x30 cm, 24 in total 

The following text is presented alongside the images:

“I started working with And Her Hair Was Covered with Leaves in 2015 and completed it in January 2020. During these five years, I have periodically returned to the two forests Anneberg Forest and Ulkerup Forest, which are both situated nearby the closed psychiatric hospital in Nykøbing Zealand, where my sister was a patient for at period of time.

Anneberg forest is right next to the big hospital area, which has therefore been called "the city behind the forest". Ulkerup forest is located behind the house my sister used to live in. Her house was isolated from other houses and her backyard had direct access to the forest.

I buried a large number of 8x10 ” color negatives in both forests during the time period.
This was in the dark months between November and February. They were buried in the dark and retrieved in the dark. The negatives were put in transparent plastic bags and placed in the soil for varying periods of time, between 20 minutes and up to 72 hours. Some were dug down 10-40 cm and others were placed on the forest floor, lightly covered by leaves and exposed by the moonlight. These different conditions, as well as variations in the light, had an effect on the arbitrary and diverse exposure of the negatives.

Subsequently, contact prints of the negatives were made in the color darkroom. In the color darkroom, there must be complete darkness. The negatives are therefore blindly placed on the paper, and subsequently exposed and developed”

Press release from the exhibition Stages of Conception, which included this work.